Mill Street Car Park – Ceredigion’s pitch to developers

Ceredigion Council has this week advertised for tenders for the planned Mill Street Car Park development in Aberystwyth. An advert in The Construction Index, an online news site for developers, reads:

"Ceredigion County Council is seeking proposals for the development of its land holding at Mill Street Car Park, Aberystwyth. The site, amounting to some 0.85 hectares, is owned freehold by the Council and currently provides 256 car parking spaces. The Council owns an adjoining Day Centre, with an approximate site area of 0.21 hectares, which could be incorporated within development proposals, providing that similar facilities were provided, either on site, or in a suitably convenient location for access by the Day Centre visitors.

"The Council also owns the former Drill Hall adjoining Mill Street car park, which has been identified as a possible alternative location for the Day Centre. It is also likely that a Scottish Power sub station will need to be relocated. There is a significant underground water mains and other Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water infrastructure crossing part of the site.

"Development proposals for this site must increase the current parking provision to at least 500 spaces. To offset the cost of creating this additional parking provision some form of commercial development, appropriate for a town centre location, of 2-3 storeys, should be considered on the Park Avenue frontage."

The time-limit for completion is stated as, “36 months (from the award of the contract)”.

The advertisement follows the decision by the Council Cabinet on 23rd February to push ahead with the plans.


  1. I was surprised to read that this site was going to host a Tesco store, surely the saturation of supermarkets for such a small area would be ridiculous. I know that they pay the most, but wouldn't it be better to aim for a smaller high quality store that may bring a couple of people to the town and help its image in the long run? I don't really think that people leave Aber to go to Tesco's, my family and I go to find places with a large range of shops, some interesting, Independent and others like TKMax. I think at the moment Aber has more supermakets than Camarthen. Their indoor market and the new stone buildings around it look great. Would be great to have an indoor market selling local produce, would bring tourists in and would tie into to the green agenda.

  2. Are they going to knock down the purpose-built Day Centre, a row of houses by the Drill Hall and the old gas show-room ( then a garage and now empty )? Muck about with the water and electric and for what - a multi-storey car park and some shops? Who is going to benefit - the developer? Not short of empty shops in Aber now. I hope it is an imaginative scheme that benefits the community and not something done just because a grant is available.