General Election kicks off in Ceredigion

The first hustings of the General Election campaign in Ceredigion will be held on March 25th when the Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network host a meeting at the Morlan in Aberystwyth (pictured) featuring all declared candidates.

These are: Penri James (Plaid Cymru), Richard Boudier (Labour), Steve Evetts (Conservative), Leila Kirsch (Greens) and Mark Williams (Lib Dem). The UKIP candidate, Mike Wieteska, mentioned in my previous post introducing the candidates is now listed on the UKIP website as standing in both Ceredigion and Aberconwy so looks like there's some confusion there.

The meeting will begin with a brief address by representatives of Bro Emlyn Peace and Justice Group (Newcastle Emlyn), and Actyma (Aberporth) who are campaigning against the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are being tested at Aberporth.

A spokesperson for Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network said:
‘There are many pressing issues relating to peace and justice that affect the people of Ceredigion and we are really pleased that all the candidates have agreed to attend the meeting.
‘The meeting is an ideal opportunity for local people to find out where the candidates stand on everything from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to questions of international poverty and fair trade.’

The date of the General Election is widely assumed to be May 6th and, although it’s not inconceivable that Gordon Brown could spring a surprise, the parties are working on that basis. I was out canvassing in my ward with Plaid Cymru candidate Penri James on Saturday and had an extremely good response.

The hustings will be held at 7.30pm Thursday 25th March in the Morlan Centre, Queens Road / Morfa Mawr, Aberystwyth. The Morlan will be the polling station for both Bronglais and North wards on General Election day