My Top Twelve Reasons for Voting Plaid Cymru on May 6th

1/ “Plaid Cymru are a great parliamentary asset. [They] have probably had more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats" – Simon Carr parliamentary sketch writer in The Independent

2/ A vote for Plaid Cymru is a vote to support all the wonderful cultural diversity on this planet

3/ Plaid are the greenest party at Westminster

4/ Plaid are the most left of centre party at Westminster

5/ Plaid Cymru are not a part of the Tory/Labour/Lib Dem policy blancmange which prioritises the financial sector above all else, including social need (see Ron Davies below)

6/ Plaid want to get rid of Trident and Eurofighter instead of cutting public services

7/ Plaid Cymru MPs will fully support the proportional representation that can change UK politics for good

8/ It’s a modern miracle that half a million people still speak a native minority language just 100 miles from the English cities. No-one else will support the Welsh language like Plaid

9/ Plaid want to promote equality by taking a million poorer people out of the income tax bracket whilst placing a 50% tax on wages over £100,000

10/ A strong Plaid representation is the only way of ensuring Wales gets the extra £300 million a year recommended by the Holtham Commission

11/ There’s a real possibility of a hung parliament with an alliance of Plaid and the SNP (and maybe the Greens in England) having a decisive say

12/ The Westminster parliament needs much more diversity. Other parts of the UK can help by voting for other parties. It’s only us in Wales that can vote for Plaid Cymru