My Top Twelve Reasons for Voting Plaid Cymru on May 6th

1/ “Plaid Cymru are a great parliamentary asset. [They] have probably had more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats" – Simon Carr parliamentary sketch writer in The Independent

2/ A vote for Plaid Cymru is a vote to support all the wonderful cultural diversity on this planet

3/ Plaid are the greenest party at Westminster

4/ Plaid are the most left of centre party at Westminster

5/ Plaid Cymru are not a part of the Tory/Labour/Lib Dem policy blancmange which prioritises the financial sector above all else, including social need (see Ron Davies below)

6/ Plaid want to get rid of Trident and Eurofighter instead of cutting public services

7/ Plaid Cymru MPs will fully support the proportional representation that can change UK politics for good

8/ It’s a modern miracle that half a million people still speak a native minority language just 100 miles from the English cities. No-one else will support the Welsh language like Plaid

9/ Plaid want to promote equality by taking a million poorer people out of the income tax bracket whilst placing a 50% tax on wages over £100,000

10/ A strong Plaid representation is the only way of ensuring Wales gets the extra £300 million a year recommended by the Holtham Commission

11/ There’s a real possibility of a hung parliament with an alliance of Plaid and the SNP (and maybe the Greens in England) having a decisive say

12/ The Westminster parliament needs much more diversity. Other parts of the UK can help by voting for other parties. It’s only us in Wales that can vote for Plaid Cymru


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    I won't be voting Plaid as they want to kill badgers. They are not the greenest party at all.

  2. The post says they're the greenest party at Westminster, which I stand by. The Green Party aren't there yet.

    Unfortunately all the main parties in Wales support the badger cull (I don't).

  3. Whats extra bad about a cull to try to reduce a disease spread from the cattle originally is that there is no evidence backed findings that it will work or the badgers are themain culprits. Its like religionand faith taking over logic based thinking. Farmers just need to think and not knee jerk react. Vaccinations should be the way forward as bovine TB has hardly any effect to humans....EU is to blame for not allowing us to do this