Plaid Back Greens in England

Cynog Dafis, Plaid Cymru’s former MP for Ceredigion, has written to green-minded electors urging them to vote Plaid in Wales whilst fully backing Green Party leader Caroline Lucas in her bid to win the Brighton Pavilion seat on the south coast of England.

Lucas is currently 11/8 favourite to win the seat from the Conservatives in what would be the second major Westminster breakthrough for the Greens following on from Cynog’s historic win in 1992 on a joint Plaid / Green ticket.

Cynog (seen here with Plaid's Ceredigion candidate Penri James) also argues that the model of proportional representation strongly supported by Plaid could eventually result in Green seats in the National Assembly.

His pitch to green voters in Ceredigion points out,
“Environmental activists agree that since Plaid became a partner in the One Wales Government there has been a step change in implementing green policies, including,

* A target for Wales to become self-sufficient in renewable energy by 2050 and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year from 2011.

* A green jobs strategy

* A new farm support scheme, Glastir, with environmental protection at its heart.

* Emphasis on improving public transport and the rejection of the M4 upgrading plan.”

He points to the marginality of green issues to the main parties and the various prominent Greens, like George Monbiot and Professor Peter Midmore, who have expressed support for Plaid Cymru.

This blog’s favourite election outcome would be a tight hung parliament with a strong showing for Plaid, the SNP and the Greens in England to gain real concessions out of any new government.