Aberystwyth - Rhywbeth i Bawb

A series of images, including the one above, has been put together to provide direction for all marketing activities associated with Aberystwyth. The exercise, commissioned by the organisation Menter Aberystwyth, also includes the typeface and strapline above which can increasingly be seen on flags and posters around the town.

Some of the graphics will be used on information boards to be placed around the town soon, depicting its various aspects and giving directions.

The several hundred images, together with the branding guidelines, are available free of charge as high resolution downloads for use to support any promotional activities. Their use is unrestricted but users first have to register with the site - see here for access. They were taken this year by local photographer Guy Taylor.

The project is part of a scheme by Menter Aberystwyth to, 'develop and implement a coherent sense of place in Aberystwyth'. It's being funded by a number of local organisations through the Rural Development Plan scheme.


  1. Is this scheme targeting Aber central, or all areas classed as Aberystwyth?

  2. "develop and implement a COHERENT sense of place in Aberystwyth"

    Nothing coherent about the typeface in the logo its an AbOrTiOn.

  3. Alan,
    It's aimed at, "Aberystwyth and the surrounding area".

  4. Must admit David I think your right, I find the logo a bit disjointed too. Looks like a ransom note template

  5. Nice to see some positive comments!!
    As it says- something for everyone!- you need to think outside the box!!

  6. £171,000 is being spent on this exercise.
    If you don't like this logo then try page 14 of the branding guidelines. Each letter has a different colour!

    I can provide a strapline [ not a word I like ] for free - Aberystwyth - Terrible Typography Town.

    Can anyone see Borth using a logo that says "Aberystwyth"?

  7. The coloured ones look good

  8. Looks like a psycho ransom note

  9. Tried to register with the site twice. Did not receive an email to activate registration on either occasion. Perhaps they are blocking me already! Site run by one of the Technium firms. More important to sort out what went wrong with Technium than worry about new logos. Might have been more valuable to use market research to find out why Aberystwyth people go to Cardigan, Shrewsbury or Carmarthen for their shopping rather than locally.

    This logo has nothing in it relating to features of Aberystwyth such as the sea, University, Pen Dinas, Constitution Hill, castle, Arts Centre, National Library etc etc

  10. Signs with the new logo are starting to go up around town now. Several have been put alongside signs bearing the old logo - Aberystwyth all in one font, a gold circle that might represent the sun, a seagull, waves and an "A". The signs have different heights and ornamentations. Makes the whole thing look a dreadful mish-mash.

    Why did we need another logo? Remember the camel - a creature designed by a committee?

  11. I can't believe how much they would have paid for this. This isn't the worst I've seen in wales, but it's pretty damn close. Legibility / lack of design / lack of place /lack of craft and ability. This has to have been done by an in house team of students on an internship from primary school. Honestly this makes me feel sad Wales has no design integrity to speak of.