Aberystwyth Town Councillors get stuck in

These are Aberystwyth Town Councillors planting bulbs in the garden of North Road Bowling Club today. This kind of volunteer work could become more important in the future as the County Council's popular town centre flower displays are likely to be one of the first victims of pending cuts.

Pictured from the front are town councillors: Ann-Marie Hinde, Sue Jones-Davies, Samantha Hearne and Mark Strong.


  1. Talking about services, the pavements in Penparcau (not your ward I know, but there is no) have been covered in ice for days now. It must be frustrating for the elderly residents that have been left unable to leave their homes because of this. It seems to me that a duty of care has been neglected here. How and who does one complaint to? I'm normally quite positive about stuff, but this is ridiculous.

  2. Alan, I've sent your comment to the Highways Department who deal with these things. However you can also contact them yourself at hpw@ceredigion.gov.uk