Students besiege Lib Dem HQ in Aberystwyth

Around  80 students besieged the Lib Dem headquarters in Aberystwyth today in protest at the Westminster government's proposed drastic increases in university tuition fees. The protest was one of a series of actions across Wales and the rest of the UK.

Although the police kept a low presence at the front of the demonstration, 70 officers were kept on standby in case of serious disorder. In the event the demonstration was noisy and colourful but peaceful. Lecturers held a seminar in Owain Glyndwr Square and drama students danced and staged short performances.

The issue of student fees looks likely to dog the Conservative / Lib Dem government in Westminster for years to come and is likely to seriously affect the votes of those parties in university towns.


  1. Lib Dems RIP

  2. I was cycling by at lunch and there were quite a few police, some up near Morrisons and all around town. I was chatting to a police guy for a few minutes and he said they were getting ready for the early retirements and redundancies. I can see why they aren't keen on the moving students on, they're in the same boat.

  3. ... don't these students realise that they're studying in Wales not in England?! It seems to be lead by anglocentric students - maybe they could read and watch the Welsh media and papers to know what's going on in the country in which they study.

    Yes, there could be a knock on effect on Wales but it all reminds me of loud-mouthed Labour students of the 1980s protesting against Tatcher and then when they were in power as the Labour party they implemented her same policies. They'll do the same this time again - you bet!

    My tip to Welsh students - don't be fooled by Labour students. It's their party which got us into this mess, it's their party which invaded Afghanistan, which supported the continuation of Trident, of PFI, of bailing out those nasty nasty bankers, who created the housing bubble, who didn't regulate the City.

    Don't be cheated by these Labour-lead protests.

    Do something contructive. Campaign for a Yes vote in the Referendum (that's for the National Assembly before our anglocentric NUS friends think it's about AV) and then campaign for tax varying powers for the Assembly so that we don't have to follow the City-obsessed policies of the Tories, LibDems nor Labour.

    Aber Boy (ex Aber student)

  4. Da iawn y stiwdants! Stwffiwch y Lib Dumbs

  5. Tax raising powers for the Welsh Government is a much better long term solution I agree; but realistically we're not likely to get it before the condems almost complete remove university funding. That means that several years worth of Welsh students will have to cope with shattered dreams, a dearth of opportunities, emigration possibly and a wreckage of the support structure and community ethos that we hold so dear.

    And yes, all that horribleness by Westminster and resulting carnage would possibly be a useful stimulus for swaying public opinion for us to have tax-raising powers, but I really don't like to think in those terms.

    In order for us to be a small clever country like we want to be, we've got to keep helping everyone to reach their pinnacle, in order to maximise their self-fulfilment and contribution to society. No country can achieve great things without investing in her people.

    So I see these protests as entirely relevant to our national aspirations, and I'm proud to have taken part :)

    P.S. There was no labour banner on this march, the only party-political banner was ours, Myfyrwyr Plaid Cymru Students

  6. Aber Boy - can one not support Welsh politics AND free education for all?

    It would be incredibly selfish of me to only campaign to what directly affects me.

    Also, it was good to see Myfywyr Plaid Cymru showing their support. And I wouldn't exactly call the protest a besieging.