Plaid's Leadership Election comes to Aberystwyth

Plaid Cymru's Leadership Election comes to Aberystwyth on February 15th with a hustings at the Morlan at 7pm. Pictured are the four candidates, L to R: Simon Thomas, Elin Jones, Leanne Wood and Dafydd Elis Thomas

The Morlan hustings is one of eight to be held around Wales and is open to all Plaid members, 1,563 of whom have joined the party in the last four months. After the hustings have taken place, all members will be sent a postal vote and asked to rank the  candidates from 1 to 4. The votes of the last candidate are then redistributed according to their second preference and so on until one candidate has over 50%. This ensures the winner has broad support across the party. 

Whichever party you support, the leadership of Plaid Cymru is a key position in Welsh politics. My feeling is that all four candidates would take Plaid forward. The winner will be announced on March 15th.

Leanne Wood will be holding a campaign meeting in the Cwps in Aberystwyth (corner of Northgate St and Llanbadarn Rd) at 6.30pm on Tuesday 14th Feb.

Update 2 (6/2/12):
Simon Thomas has pulled out of the contest and will support Elin Jones.  If she wins, she will nominate Simon as Deputy Leader.


  1. Hi Alun,

    I run a co-operative in Swansea in the field of Web Design. I got a tender through for the development of a tourism website for Ceredigion Council. The advert on Sell2Wales was not available in Welsh. As an Aberystwyth Graduate I think this is disgusting. Maybe it is something the leaderships contestants could take up next week?

  2. Thanks. I've passed your comment on to the Council's Procurement Department.

  3. Jonathan, you've got your work cut out. Have you seen the Carmarthen tourism website?

  4. This is the response I've now received from the Council's Chief Procurement Officer:

    "Diolch am yrru‘r sylw a dderbyniwyd ar eich gwefan ynglŷn a’r hysbyseb.
    Gair bach i’ch diweddaru. Rwyf wedi gofyn bod yr hysbyseb yn cael ei chyfieithu ac yn cael ei hail-gyhoeddi. Unwaith y gwelaf fod hynny wedi cael ei wneud yna fe yrraf nodyn atoch i gadarnhau.
    Dewch nol ataf yn y cyfamser os oes angen mwy o wybodaeth arnoch."


    "Thanks for sending the comments received about the advertisement on your website.
    A quick word to update you. I have asked that the advertisement be translated and re-published. Once I see that this has been done I will send a note to you to confirm.
    Come back to me in the meantime if you need more information."

    Thanks for pointing this out Jonathan