Greening Aberystwyth’s Approach Road

Proposals have been put forward for lining the main approach road to Aberystwyth with trees.

A report, ‘Greening Aber’s Approach Road’, has been put together in acknowledgement of the widely-expressed concern that the piecemeal development taking place along the route over the last few years has tended to ignore any need for a uniform style or welcoming aesthetic. The 30-page report has been written by Dafydd Fryer on behalf of Forestry Commission Wales in partnership with the Greener Aberystwyth Group.

The Aberystwyth appoach road, stretching from the Parc y Llyn roundabout in Llanbadarn Fawr to Alexandra Road near the town centre is called, at different points along its length, Ffordd Parc y Llyn, Boulevard St Brieuc and Park Avenue/Coedlan y Parc. The route currently has around 30 different owners or stakeholders along its length so any agreement for tree-planting would need plenty of negotiations. The planting of a semi-mature tree in an urban environment, including the necessary cage to channel the roots away from underground services, is reckoned to cost around £1,300.

Although that may seem daunting, in Swansea, as part of their regeneration plans, a recognition of the economic benefits of presenting a harmonious green entranceway to the town has recently resulted in the go-ahead for detailed design work on a new tree-lined boulevard on Oystermouth Road.  Greening Aber’s Approach Road proposes a similar plan for Aberystwyth.

The report concludes:
“It is clear there is huge scope to green-up the flanks of the road if the will and resources are available. Tree planting could have a hugely significant role in unifying the whole approach to the town. Despite the challenges and obstacles that would face accommodating trees into this predominantly hard and constricted landscape, the vast range of benefits that urban trees offer town environments would be a major contributor towards ensuring the regeneration of Aberystwyth.”

The next step is to gauge reaction from funding bodies as to whether the plan has the makings of a regeneration project that can be developed further.

I can supply an electronic copy of the report to anyone e-mailing me at alun1001@yahoo.co.uk