Aberystwyth Bandstand - let's try again

This is the latest plan for a renewed Bandstand on Aberystwyth Promenade. It's probably fair to say that the previous, fairly radical idea didn't enjoy universal popularity in the town. Ceredigion Council has now launched a public consultation on this new, more modest and traditional, design. It includes: 
• Reinforcement and extension of the base to include a walkway around the building and 
improved sea defence 
• Keeping the perimeter wall of the original Bandstand as a feature enhanced by subtle 
• A glass front that makes the building look more inviting 
• Internal units that can be adapted for storage/toilets or for commercial use 
• Internal space that can be used for events or performances 

All the information, and how to contribute to the consultation, can be found by clicking here for the Welsh version and here for the English.


  1. What is the estimated cost of this new proposal?
    And how many jobs will be created by the proposal

  2. How can you justify a Million pounds on a refurb, Oh you have spent nearly 10% already on the drawings and planning so far. If this proposal goes ahead at least make sure there are plenty of toilets to flush the money down

  3. Estimated project cost is £965,965.
    £665,965 of this is being requested from the Welsh Government as part of the Aberystwyth Regeneration Area scheme.
    The number of jobs created, either directly or indirectly, will depend on the type of usage, which is what the public are being consulted upon. The express intention of the various Regeneration Area schemes throughout Wales is to stimulate local economies and thereby to provide jobs.

  4. This half hearted attempt is still going to cost Ceredigion county council 300k minimum, with no guarantee of any new jobs or proof of any economic benefit to the county.

  5. The number of direct jobs created depends partly on the results of the consultation which asks people, particularly businesses, to comment on the best usage. You don't need to be an economist to see that providing good, attractive facilities will help the local economy. That is the whole purpose of the Aberystwyth Regeneration Area. Following the consultation, the final proposal for the Bandstand will have to be agreed by the Welsh Government Minister for Regeneration, who's whole purpose is to create economic benefit.

  6. Nigel BaldwinJune 29, 2014

    How can you spend so much on costing the project prior to planning approval then pull it within two weeks of planning approval due to cost ?
    You then initiate a new consultation and mention the petition signed by 2000 people objecting to original plans but this did not effect the planning committees decision to approve.
    The world or someone has gone mad a bandstand without the town band each Tuesday evening genius,