There have been claims recently that the frequently requested de-trunking* of the A487 through Aberystwyth would increase traffic through the village of Llanbadarn Fawr on the outskirts of the town. It’s been said that this is a reason not to proceed with the idea. 

*De-trunking means that a main ‘A-road’, currently administered by the Trunk Road Agency NMWTRA on behalf of the Welsh Government to very stringent standards, is instead transferred to the more flexible County Council to run.

Many years ago the road signs on both the north & south sides of Aberystwyth directed through-traffic via the centre of town. Although this made no sense in terms of distance or time, it obviously influenced many people unfamiliar with the area. 

That is no longer the case and hasn’t been for many years. Road signage from both north and south now directs people to bypass Aberystwyth and all the major routefinders - AA, RAC, Green Flag & Googlemaps - now send people through Llanbadarn.

So the argument that de-trunking would result in more traffic through Llanbadarn is based on the situation as it used to be.  The many lorries which head into town are all making deliveries there and would not be re-routed by de-trunking. Without denying that Llanbadarn residents living on the main road suffer from traffic through their village, it’s very hard to see where any additional traffic would come from. And, with traffic levels in general currently on a plateau and not increasing, their situation is likely to stay the same regardless.

It’s worth considering for a moment what the lack of de-trunking could be costing Aberystwyth. For example: 
  • Mill Street - if this had been de-trunked the developer would have had more flexibility with the scheme there and very possibly wouldn’t have felt the need to demolish Glyndwr Road.
  • Owain Glyndwr Square - Proposals are often heard for paving the whole of the square so it can be used as a community space at the centre of town. That cannot happen without de-trunking.
  • North Parade - The strange junction half-way along the street that confuses many people won’t be changed without de-trunking
  • Capel Seilo - proposals have often been heard for a roundabout at this five-road junction at the north end of North Parade. Again, nothing can change here without de-trunking.
  • Cwps Corner - This very difficult junction can’t be changed without de-trunking.
Although the above are all debates in themselves, these, and numerous smaller examples, are the kinds of issues that cannot be progressed without de-trunking. It’s not just the people of Aberystwyth this costs, it’s everyone who uses Aberystwyth. And that includes the people of Llanbadarn Fawr.