Ceredigion's contribution

As the European election results are being absorbed, it's worth mentioning the decisive result in Ceredigion which contributed significantly to the re-election of Plaid Cymru's Jill Evans to the European Parliament:

Plaid Cymru   7,139  (34.8%)
UKIP   4,138  (20.2%)
Conservatives   2,698  (13.1%)
Lib Dems   2,332  (11.3%)
Labour   2,110  (10.3%)
Greens   1,646  (8%)
BNP   126  (0.6%)
Socialist Labour Party    96  (0.4%)
Britain First   86  (0.4%)
NO2EU   56 (0.2%)
Socialist Party of Great Britain    48   (0.2%)

The Ceredigion turnout was 37% - the joint second highest in Wales. The result also gives food for thought for next year's  Westminster election where the Lib Dems currently hold the seat but will face a strong challenge from Plaid Cymru's Mike Parker.

Jill Evans sits in the Green / European Free Alliance group in Brussels. Following the election, this alliance looks like becoming the fourth largest grouping in the parliament and has now overtaken the Conservative group, which includes the British Conservative Party.