Ceredigion's contribution

As the European election results are being absorbed, it's worth mentioning the decisive result in Ceredigion which contributed significantly to the re-election of Plaid Cymru's Jill Evans to the European Parliament:

Plaid Cymru   7,139  (34.8%)
UKIP   4,138  (20.2%)
Conservatives   2,698  (13.1%)
Lib Dems   2,332  (11.3%)
Labour   2,110  (10.3%)
Greens   1,646  (8%)
BNP   126  (0.6%)
Socialist Labour Party    96  (0.4%)
Britain First   86  (0.4%)
NO2EU   56 (0.2%)
Socialist Party of Great Britain    48   (0.2%)

The Ceredigion turnout was 37% - the joint second highest in Wales. The result also gives food for thought for next year's  Westminster election where the Lib Dems currently hold the seat but will face a strong challenge from Plaid Cymru's Mike Parker.

Jill Evans sits in the Green / European Free Alliance group in Brussels. Following the election, this alliance looks like becoming the fourth largest grouping in the parliament and has now overtaken the Conservative group, which includes the British Conservative Party.


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2014

    I wonder how many people in the village behind Jill Evans voted for her, and how many voted for UKIP. High time that we in PC stopped looking at the valleys through 60s-tinted specs, I think.

  2. Plaid Cymru only retained their MEP because of the exceptional results for UKIP in Wales, if UKIP had got 25% instead of the 28% we achieved Plaid would have been wipedout and Leanne would have been comming under fire just like Nick Clegg

  3. 'If' is a big word. Jill Evans MEP retained her seat and will be Wales' voice in Europe for the next five years. Plaid Cymru won in four counties that contain the party's current and target seats for Westminster (and won big in some cases). Everything else is supposition.

  4. Good news from an otherwise less than encouraging expression of public opinion.

  5. AnonymousMay 27, 2014

    That would be the voice for Wales who asked a grand total of 14 questions in the EU parliament in the first three and a half years of this parliament none of which mentioned or concerned Wales?

    Approximately 200 questions less than the other 3 Welsh MEPs asked each.

    That really is a voice for Wales.....not!

  6. That's funny, because the official parliamentary record states the following about the activities of Wales's four MEPs:

    Parliamentary questions submitted:
    John Bufton 92
    Derek Vaughan 71
    Jill Evans 65
    Kay Swinburne 60

    In terms of the first three and a half years you mention, 44 of Jill's questions were in that time period.

    By the way, speeches made in plenary were as follows:
    Kay Swinburne 715
    Jill Evans 611
    John Bufton 598
    Derek Vaughan 538

    Why don't you actually look up the official record instead of inventing figures?

  7. From those statistics it seem's UKIP MEP's work just as hard as others. Thank you Alun

  8. I think it's generally accepted that John Bufton has been very unusual as a UKIP MEP in actually doing something like the level of work expected of him. Unfortunately the same sources show that other UKIP MEPs perform extremely poorly as parliamentarians.