Ceredigion consults on how to improve recycling

Ceredigion Council are conducting a consultation on how to take forward their recycling service after the National Assembly asked councils to look at how they can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Ceredigion currently recycles more waste than any other local authority in Wales. The options being looked at for improving this further include:
· increasing the number of houses offered kerbside recycling
· changes to the way recyclables are collected,
· increasing the separate food waste collection service
· changing the way the Council collects waste that can’t be recycled

Particularly under scrutiny is food waste. When this goes to landfill it breaks down and produces methane, a much more powerful contributor to climate change than carbon dioxide. Currently around 5000 households in the Aberystwyth area receive a food waste collection service and expanding this into other areas is a strong possibility together with encouragement for traditional garden composting.

You can access the consultation at:


  1. There is a lot of "tosh" written about recycling and the percieved benefits to one and all- but the bottom line is that if CCC took the lead in this matter and made substantial investment (difficult I know in the current circumstances) then the savings in land fill charges (and transport to the wirral at £7,000 per lorry) could easily outstrip expenditure! All is needed is the "ba**s" to grasp the mettel and run with it.
    How about building a state of the art incinerator? Newer ones have 0% emmissions- produce huge ammounts of community useable heat-(schools, estates, greenhouses, pools etc) and if we took in Powys and N. Pembs and S. Gwynedd's waste could turn a tidy profit!

  2. Some of the problem could be reduced by forcing retailers to reduce the amount of packaging.

    Anyone else old enough to remember the deposit on glass bottles - refundable on return? Make it high enough and people might think twice about buying in glass or they would return to the shop. If not the people who help clear away litter would get something for their pains.