Ceredigion gritting latest

Latest report on Ceredigion's winter maintenance situation received at 10pm tonight:

"Brief update for past 24 hrs. Our salt stocks are approx 725 tonnes. We received 80 tons today and hopefully we may receive 120 tonnes tomorrow. We have spread approx 195 tonnes in the past 24 hours.

"All primary routes remain open though the police requested closure of Clarach to Borth and the Buarth area in Aberystwyth. Ploughing and gritting of some secondary routes was carried out today. Secondary routes still require extreme caution with some minor roads still heavily iced with some overlain snow.

"The refuse collection service has been suspended as manpower has been diverted to winter maintenance duties. This will be reviewed on Monday. Residents are advised to retain the rubbish until the next scheduled collection. Those who live near civic amenity sites always have the option of taking their rubbish to the site.

"The department has deployed 172 workers during the last 24 hrs with about 40 vehicles being deployed. Some local contractors are being used for snow clearance using JCB’s.

"Manual staff are engaged in delivery of meals on wheels. We are also assisting in maintaining services to the Residential Homes and agreed protocols for assisting the Social Services Department. Protocols have been set up with the Local Health Board to assist where possible in the delivery of essential drugs."