The last Ceredigion snow report (?)

Here’s what will hopefully be the last necessary report on snow clearance work in Ceredigion:

Salt Stocks – 715 tonnes
Salt received today – A surprise 142 tonnes from Salt Union in Cheshire
Salt and grit spread within the last 24 hours – 44 tonnes

Primary routes – 1 pre salt run carried out. The ploughs, snow blowers and JCBs used to clear drifting and laying snow on the primary routes

Secondary routes – Snow blowing and clearing on secondary routes, also minor roads with more JCBs being hired to continue the work.

Road Closures – Some lower class roads still closed but snow clearance work in hand on those routes

Refuse collection – Refuse collection, having been suspended, was carried out today. Normal daily collection would be approx 100 tonnes whereas 229 tonnes was collected today. A lot more resources will be directed to refuse collection starting on Monday and the intention is to revert to the normal collection schedule. It may require more than one journey into each community as the week goes on, so residents shouldn’t panic if they see the rubbish lorry driving away leaving rubbish behind – it will return. Manpower deployed 130 using 50 vehicles.There will be no refuse collection over the weekend but snow clearance will continue on minor roads.

The picture shows the scene near Talgarreg

Thanks to Ray Quant for the info


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post these updates. I am sure that I am not the only person who has found them useful as well as informative. Perhaps Ceredigion Council could adopt something similar with their own website. Updates being posted hourly! with important news for Ceredigion's residents. Not just weather reports, other issues such as RTCs requiring diversions or long delays, large fires causing distruption to a wide area etc, etc...

  2. The reporting of anything on the CCC website is lamentable! Someone , somewhere needs a shake and a no sit interview with the bosses!
    CCC must have a press / PR person- or were they on leave during this last month?