Seven steps to a green economy for Ceredigion

Plaid Cymru yesterday brought back memories of Cynog Dafis’s historic reign as Plaid Green MP for eight years between 1992 and 2000 when their 2010 parliamentary candidate Penri James launched a new document, ‘Seven steps to a green economy for Ceredigion’.

The document was written by Penri in collaboration with Peter Midmore, Professor of Economics at Aberystwyth University. The photo shows Penri discussing the publication at its launch yesterday in Owain Glyndwr Square, Aberystwyth with Professor Midmore and Rhondda Assembly Member Leanne Wood.

The seven steps, which the document discusses in detail, are:
* Improving home energy efficiency
* Investing in green construction skills
* Creating spaces to grow food
* Increasing the use of bio-energy
* Integrating public transport
* Creating more cycling and walking routes
* Educating for sustainable lifestyles

Penri James said,
“This action plan contains a range of practical ideas which will contribute in a small way towards tackling global environmental problems. But it also offers ways for us in Ceredigion to improve the quality of our lives and to kick-start the local economy.”

The booklet can be obtained from the Plaid Office in Pier Street or by e-mailing me at alunw@ceredigion.gov.uk for an electronic copy.


  1. Is there anything going to be practically done? And when will it happen?

    Unfortunately we hear this stuff all the time and no one is ever consulted and it's all words.

    Be good to see some enegery efficiency measures in any new public buildings that are build in Ceredigion - Bath House Complex and Bronglais, spring to mind.

  2. Agree that we need actions as well as words (welcome though Penri's words are). The large new County Council and Assembly buildings in Aberystwyth score top marks on the BREEAM scale of sustainability. So does the planned IBERS building at the University. It would be good if this became the norm for new public buildings rather than the honourable exception.

  3. Clive King has written an interesting discussion article about the document at: http://ruraldebugging.blogspot.com/2010/01/response-to-steps-to-green-economy-for.html

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