Ceredigion donates land for allotments

Ceredigions Council’s Cabinet today agreed to lease land to Aberystwyth Town Council to create new allotments. The agreement follows long-running requests for the council to find land to reduce the current five-year waiting list for vegetable plots.

It is estimated that the area, which is next to the current allotments in Penparcau, could accommodate around to eight new plots. The Council had also received a request from the adjoining caravan park to provide an amenity area for park customers but the owner was apparently only prepared to pay a nominal sum so the request was rejected in favour of the Town Council.

The terms of the lease have yet to be agreed. The Town Council will first have to fund the laying out and fencing of the allotments together with supplying water.


  1. Alan ChamberlainJanuary 15, 2010

    That's great.

    What's the council doing at the moment to reduce the 5 year list?

    It would be great to see community gardens and orchards in the area.

  2. well, we are a year on.....what's happening?????

  3. Anonymous - Fair question. This is a statement on the latest situation from Aberystwyth Town Council:

    For the past year Aberystwyth Town Council has been busy behind the scenes securing a long term agreement with Ceredigion County Council for two parcels of land off Min y Ddol, Penparcau. One will be used to create new allotments and the other will be a community woodland project.

    Since the decision in principle by the Ceredigion Cabinet to transfer the land there have had to be negotiations with a number of departments within CCC - Estates (for land ownership), Legal, (for the deeds and agreement) Highways Property and Works and Environmental Services and Housing. Then there were the negotiations with the water, electricity and gas companies who had to do searches of the land for their utilities. Then quotes were needed to see how much the project would cost etc.

    Once all these department had had their say - and not all of them were very fast reacting - Aberystwyth Town Council had to get the draft legal papers checked by their own solicitors to suggest caveats and changes. Then it went back to Ceredigion and so on. So lots of meetings, exchanges of letters, deeds, maps etc have happened and now it is all coming together.

    The next step will be to consult with the people who live adjacent to the site to let them have an input.

    So what will we have at the end of it all? More allotments which everyone is calling for, a tidied up and managed woodland area near the river with ideas for community involvement which will enhance the area no end.

  4. ANOTHER YEAR AND A HALF have now passed. Thirty two months since Ceredigion agreed to transfer the land. I'm guessing Town Council has done almost nothing? "Fail."?

  5. Unfortunately, having attended a public meeting about it tonight, local residents are implacably opposed to the idea.