Economic Crisis Marks the Death of Thatcherism

I couldn't resist re-producing the quote below from tonight's blog by Robert Peston, the BBC's Business Editor. As someone who believes that much of what is wrong with our society can be traced back to the economic policies of Margaret Thatcher, I find it heartening to see that the current world financial crisis may ultimately have its benefits.

Robert says,
"I've also been musing on the historic significance of tonight's events, and I think it can perhaps be seen as the death of Thatcherism, or at least of an important strand of the dominant ideology of the 1980s and 1990s.
It was Margaret Thatcher who in a series of bold reforms from 1979 onwards gave the City the freedom to trade in everything and anything.
She removed restrictive practices, she encouraged the free flow of capital to and from anywhere in the world, she created the notion of the City as the Great British Success.
For the liberalisation of the City to end with a quartet of our biggest and proudest banks being forced to put out the begging bowl to Government, well that is a moment in ecnomic history - which may well, ultimately, be as significant as the nationalisations of the 1940s and the privatisations of the 1980s."



Cynllunio Diweddaraf / Planning Latest

Y diweddaraf ar geisiadau cynllunio a thrwyddedu yn ward Bronglais a'r cyffiniau

The latest on planning and licensing applications in Bronglais ward and around


Siop Bwydydd Parod Marco, 19 Stryd y Dollborth
Marco's Takeaway, 19 Northgate Street
Mae'r siop uchod wedi gwneud cais i ymestyn eu horiau bwydydd hwyr o 11yh i 5yb o ddydd Llun i ddydd Sadwrn.
The above premises applied to extend their hours of late night opening from 11pm to 5am from Monday to Saturday.
The shop still retains permission for the following opening times:
University Term Time: Tuesday -Saturday 3am, Sunday & Monday 1am
University Holiday Period: Midnight on all days


Carregwen, Ffordd Llanbadarn Road A080919
Codi ty datgysylltiedig / Erection of a detached dwelling
In the front garden of the above house

Carregwen, Ffordd Llanbadarn Road A080920
Codi ty datgysylltiedig / Erection of a detached dwelling
In the rear garden of the above house

Mae dau gais adeliadu wedi eu cyflwyno ar gyfer Carregwen ar Ffordd Llanbadarn, rhwng Ffordd Caradog a Ffordd Ddewi. Y llynedd, gwrthodwyd cais i adeiladu tri tŷ yng ngardd y tŷ gan Bwyllgor Rheoli Datblygiad y Cyngor Sir. Nawr mae dau gais arwahan wedi eu cyflwyno ar gyfer dau dŷ yn yr un ardd.

The above two planning applications have been submitted for the garden of Carregwen in Llanbadarn Road, between Caradoc Road and St David's Road. Last year an application to build three houses in the garden of the house was rejected by the County Council’s Development Control Committee. Now two separate applications have been submitted for two houses in the same garden.

Ysgol Plas Crug School, Coedlan Plas Crug Avenue A080848
Erection of Conservatory
Diweddaraf / Latest - In the consultation period

Llyfygell Genedlaethol / National Library A080810LB
Listed Building Consent - New external wheelchair platform lift, 2 disabled parking bays, relay existing steps adjacent to new platform lift, new access ramp to main entrance, ramps to existing footway.

Mynwent Aberystwyth Cemetery, Ffordd Llanbadarn Road A080587
Erection of a garage and stores and ancilliary accommodation
Diweddaraf / Latest - Earliest possible date for decision is 12th November.

Tir rhwng 3 a 4 Rhes y Poplys / Land between 3 & 4 Poplar Row A080535
Codi ty ffordiadwy / Erection of affordable dwelling
Diweddaraf / Latest - Earliest possible date for decision is 12th November.

Plot 6, Llys Ardwyn, Ffordd Ddewi / St David's Road (Hen Safle Penweddig / Old Penweddig site) A080513
Codi ty datgysylltiedig / Erection of a detached dwelling
Darn o dir ar ochr yr ysbyty o'r safle yw Plot 6 ac mae modd ei gyrraedd o'rtracc ger brig Cae'r Gog
Plot 6 is the piece of land on the hospital side of the site, accessible via the track at the top of Cae'r Gog.
Diweddaraf / Latest – No objection from Highways Dept. Earliest possible date for decision is 12th November.
Other applications so far approved at Llys Ardwyn are:
Phase 1 - 9 flats
Phase 2 - 18 flats
Phase 3 (the old school 'C' Block) - 17 flats (inc. 3 affordable)
4 apartments in the 'Undercroft' (3 as affordable housing)
Houses on plots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Llyfrgell Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Library of Wales A080401
Hewl un ffordd newyddyn cysylltu y Llyfrgell a Champws y Brifysgol
One-way link road between the National Library and the University Campus
Diweddaraf / Latest - No objection from Highways Dept. Earliest possible date for decision is 12th November.

Ysbyty Bronglais / Bronglais Hospital A080176
Erection of 5 storey extension and 2 storey car park
Outline application (i.e. for the principle of the development)
Diweddaraf / Latest - Earliest possible date for decision is 12th November.
A briefing session and open forum for local residents will be held at on Wednesday 15th October at 2pm at the Lounge, Pantycelyn, Aberystwyth University.

Bryn Penglais / Penglais Hill A080067
Adeiladu meddygfa a creche
Erection of Doctor's Surgery and Creche
Diweddaraf / Latest – Full planning consent has now been approved, subject to conditions.

Northgate House, Stryd y Dollborth / Northgate Street A070273
Gosod 2 uned tewychu wrth ymyl yr adeilad
Installation of 2 condensing units to side of building
Diweddaraf / Latest - Development Control Committee on 18th June decided that the application should be deferred to invite the applicant to relocate the condensing units or, failing the identification of an appropriate site, the carrying out of works to mitigate the sound from the units which is disturbing local residents. Officers were also told to consider imposing restrictions on the operating times of the units. A failure to agree to this will result in refusal of permission and enforcement action. No final decision as yet.

Gellir gweld y cynlluniau yn Swyddfa Cyngor y Dref yn Neuadd y Dref, Aberystwyth (Ffon 624761). Dylid danfon sylwadau at yr Adran Cynllunio, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, Ceredigion, SA46 0PA.

Plans for all applications can be viewed in the Town Council Office in Aberystwyth Town Hall (Tel 624761). Comments can be sent to the Planning Department, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa Aberaeron, Ceredigion, SA46 0PA


Ceredigion achieves Fair Trade status

Ceredigion has become the 12th Fair Trade County in Wales. The award has been given two years after a joint motion by Plaid Cymru and Lib Dems called for the Council to pursue Fair Trade status. The county-wide campaign was started by a group in Aberystwyth.

Fair Trade supports small farmers in the developing world who produce food we cannot produce at home and who are disadvantaged by international trading conditions that benefit big business. The Fairtrade Foundation awards Fairtrade status to Nations, Towns, Counties, Schools and Churches that meet five goals developed to raise awareness and support for Fairtrade goods. The movement is making a significant impact in helping the developing world and is strongly backed by churches and chapels.

In a letter to the Council, the Fair Trade foundation said,
"Congratulations on comfortably exceeding the targets given for both retailers and caterers supporting Fairtrade. There is clearly a broad base of support for Fairtrade products in Ceredigion and the sale of Fairtrade products is of course at the core of the Fairtrade campaign. Please pass on our thanks to all the businesses whose support has helped to make Ceredigion a Fairtrade County".

The letter went on,
"Congratulations on gaining the national Library of Wales as a Flagship Employer. We hope that they will use their position to promote Fairtrade to contacts, clients and staff and that their support will encourage other businesses to think about making their own commitment to Fairtrade.
"We would like to particularly highlight the excellent work in promoting support for Fairtrade among the County’s schools. "

Mwy gwybodaeth / More information:http://www.fairtradewales.com/