Paul jumps for safety

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Plaid Cymru councillor Paul James on one of three bungee jumps this weekend to raise money for CCTV cameras on the Llanbadarn to Aberystwyth cycle path.

It has to be said there are mixed views about the desirability of CCTV cameras on the path. The campaign was started following two robberies at knifepoint on the path in September and November last year, attacks that came as a huge shock to a town entirely unused to crimes of that nature, having one of the lowest crime rates in the country. 

Since they haven't been repeated anywhere in the area, there is a view that the attacks may have been the work of outsiders who have moved on. The question is being asked whether the apparently diminishing need to act to prevent further attacks is outweighed by concerns about loss of privacy and how extensive CCTV coverage looks like becoming in our society. 

What isn't in doubt, though, is the commitment to the safety of local residents shown by Paul, a County Councillor for Llanbadarn Fawr Sulien Ward, just outside Aberystwyth. In April he arranged a 3-day bag pack with Communities First at Morrison's supermarket, which borders the path, raising £4,922.

This weekend's series of three jumps, one after the other, was taken from the highest bungee platform in the UK at Windsor, measuring 100 metres. At 50-odd years of age, that's no mean feat and the jumps are set to raise well over another £4,000 in sponsorship. I'm just glad we're not looking at a by-election.

Anyone wishing to donate money to the campaign can e-mail Paul  at paulj@ceredigion.gov.uk