Ceredigion agrees grant funding to reduce HMOs

With the continuing uncertainty about the housing market in Aberystwyth, exacerbated by the new additional student accommodation at Fferm Penglais on Clarach Road, Ceredigion Council has agreed a number of measures to improve the town's housing stock and encourage a reduction in the number of  Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) in the town:

* An energy efficiency grant of £5,000, focussing particularly on the many deficient and drafty sash bay windows in HMOs around the town plus wall and loft insulation.

* A grant of £5,000 for converting HMOs of four or fewer bedrooms back into traditional single households.

* A grant of £10,000 to convert an HMO into self-contained units, i.e. flats that would reduce the density of the property.

The new measures, detailed on page 3 of this link, will be the subject of discussion at the next Landlord’s Forum on 24th August, the latest of the regular discussion meetings held between the Council and local landlords.

The money is being made available by the Welsh Government as part of the Housing Renewal Area scheme. Property owners are expected to match the grant money.

Although HMOs undoubtedly serve a purpose, the numbers in some streets, with the resultant pressure on parking spaces and other issues, have led to concerns for many years. Ceredigion is taking the opportunity provided by the current changes in the local housing market to address these issues.