Grandstand comes down

The picture shows Vicarage Field Grandstand in Llanbadarn Road being demolished. The grandstand has been unused for many years for health & safety reasons. When the University, who own the field, conducted a review of their property it was decided that demolition was the best option. Planning permission for the demolition was applied for and then granted after there were no objections.


Llys Ardwyn - Cais Cynllunio Newydd / New Planning Application

Llys Ardwyn, Ffordd Ddewi (Hen Safle Ysgol Penweddig) -
Cais Cynllunio Newydd A070866

Mae cais cynllunio wedi cael ei gyflwyno er mwyn cynyddu’r nifer o fflatiau fydd yn cael eu hadeiladu yng Nghyfnod 3 (yr hen ‘C Bloc’) datblygiad Llys Ardwyn o 11 i 17.

Rhoddwyd caniatâd cynllunio yn wreiddiol ar gyfer 11 fflat yng Nghyfnod 3 o’r prosiect i drosi adeilad yr hen ysgol ym Mai 2005.

Gellir gweld y cais cynllunio yn y Swyddfa Cyngor Tref (12.30-4pm, ffôn 624761) yn Neuadd y Dref, Morfa Mawr, neu fe allaf ddod â’r cais i’ch tŷ. Dylid danfon unrhyw sylwadau at yr Adran Gynllunio, Cyngor Sir Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA erbyn 6 Medi 2007.

Gwybodaeth ychwanegol am y safle Llys Ardwyn
Nid oes yna benderfyniad wedi ei wneud ar y ddau gais cynllunio a gyflwynwyd ar gyfer y safle yma yn gynt eleni, sef:
1/ A061185 – cais i drosi’r ardal a adnabyddir fel y ‘claddgell’ i 4 fflat (gan gynnwys 3 annedd fforddiadwy)
2/ A060264 – cais i adeiladu 3 ty ar leiniau 3, 4, & 5 ar ochr yr ysbyty o’r safle.

Dyma’r ceisiadau cynllunio sydd eisoes wedi cael caniatâd ar gyfer y safle Llys Ardwyn:
Chwefror 2003 - Cyfnod 1 – 9 fflat
Rhagfyr 2003 – Tai ar leiniau 1 & 2
Chwefror 2004 - Cytuno gorchmynion Cadwraeth Coed
Gorffennaf 2004 – Cyfnod 2 – 18 fflat
Mai 2005 – Cyfnod 3 – 11 fflat


Llys Ardwyn, St David's Road (Old Penweddig School Site)
New Planning Application A070866
A planning application has been submitted to increase the number of flats allowed in Phase 3 (the old ‘C Block’) of the Llys Ardwyn development from eleven to seventeen.

Planning permission was originally granted for 11 flats in Phase 3 of the conversion of the old school in May 2005.

You can see the application at the Town Council Office (12.30 – 4pm, phone 624761) in the Town Hall or myself or another councillor can bring it round to you. Comments should be sent to the Planning Department, Ceredigion County Council, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA by 6th September 2007.

Additional information about the Llys Ardwyn site
Two planning applications submitted for the site earlier in the year have still not been decided upon. These are:
1/ A061185 - an application to Convert the area known as the ‘undercroft’ into 4 apartments (including 3 units as affordable dwellings)
2/ A060264 - An application to build three houses on plots 3, 4, & 5 on the hospital side of the site.

Planning applications so far agreed on the Llys Ardwyn site are:
February 2003 - Phase 1 – 9 flats
December 2003 – Houses on Plots 1 & 2
February 2004 - Tree Preservation Orders
July 2004 – Phase 2 – 18 flats
May 2005 – Phase 3 – 11 flats


Castell Rock Success

The fourth Castell Rock festival was held at Aberystwyth Castle on Saturday and, once again, proved a big success. Around 500 people enjoyed an afternoon and evening of local youth rock bands. This is one of the few opportunities that local youth bands have to play in front of an audience this big. The organisers now have a four-year track record of putting on the event and they deserve a lot of credit for creating such a good atmosphere that everyone enjoys in a beautiful setting. The event was alcohol-free and raised money for Wales Air Ambulance.


Cynllunio Diweddara / Planning Latest


Llys Ardwyn (Hen Safle Penweddig / Old Penweddig site) A070866
Variation of Condition No 2 attached to planning permission A050289 to allow the development of 17 units within Phase 3
Diweddara / Latest - Currently in the consultation period

Ysbyty Bronglais / Bronglais Hospital A070737
Erection of 3 cycle shelters
Diweddara / Latest – currently in the consultation period

Infirmary Road, Aberystwyth A070617
Demolition of dwelling, road widening & provision of public footpaths
Diweddara / Latest - Currently in the consultation period

Arfron, Cae'r Gog A070631
Alterations & extension
Diweddara / Latest - currently in the consultation period

Bryn Penglais / Penglais Hill
Proposed Medical Surgery
Diweddara / Latest - Outline planning permission approved. No detailed application has yet been submitted

Llys Ardwyn (Safle Hen Penweddig / Old Penweddig site) A061185
Trosi adeilad cyfedol i ffurfio 4 rhan-dy (gan gynnwys 3 unded fel tai fforddiadwy)Conversion of existing building to form 4 apartments (including 3 units as affordable dwellings)
Diweddara / Latest - not yet been approved pending a Section 106 agreement on affordable housing.

Llys Ardwyn (Safle Hen Penweddig / Old Penweddig site) A060264
Application for 3 houses on Plots 3, 4 & 5
Diweddara / Latest - permission not yet granted because the two applications (i.e. this + the one above) are linked in terms of affordable housing provision.

Others applications so far approved at Llys Ardwyn are:
Phase 1 – 9 flats
Phase 2 – 18 flats
Phase 3 – 11 flats
Houses on Plots 1 & 2



Glanbrenig, Ffordd Ddewi / St David's Road, Aberystwyth A070517
Codi garej / Erection of a garej
Penderfyniad / Decision - Approved Subject to Conditions

Infirmary Road (Hen safle Ysbyty Ffordd y Gogledd / Old North Road Hospital site) A061132
Codi 9 flatiau gyda maes parcio cysylltiedig, tirlunio ac isadeiledd / Building of 9 flats with associated car parking, landscaping & infrastructure.
Penderfyniad / Decision - Deferred pending negotiation on the design of the units, particularly the rear balconies, the Director of Environmental Services and Housing being authorised to APPROVE an acceptable scheme subject to conditions including a Grampian style condition linking commencement of the development to the road improvements proposed by the developer at Garn Wen.


Full Backing for Residents Parking

Plaid Cymru Councillor for the Aberystwyth Bronglais ward, Alun Williams, has spoken out in support of Residents' Parking following a debate in a meeting of Aberystwyth Town Council about a letter received from the County's Highways department.
Responding to the debate, Cllr Alun WIlliams said:

"Aberystwyth needs a Residents' Parking scheme to make life tolerable for residents who are the backbone of the community here. The first step in the process is to transfer parking enforcement from the police to the Council – known as 'decriminalisation'. I realise it costs money and that it's complicated, but it's got to come eventually.

"Aberystwyth residents visit their friends in other places, see it working there and wonder why it's not happening here. Not for the first time, Ceredigion is lagging behind the rest of the country. I sympathise with the position of council officers. They've done the research and know how to go about it. What they need is political leadership from the Council Cabinet.

"I'm tremendously encouraged to see Residents' Parking supported in the Aberystwyth Masterplan and hope the Masterplan consultants can now become allies in the campaign".
WANT TO SEE THE LATST BRIEFING ON RESIDENTS PARKING? E-mail Alun at alunw@ceredigion.gov.uk