Full Backing for Residents Parking

Plaid Cymru Councillor for the Aberystwyth Bronglais ward, Alun Williams, has spoken out in support of Residents' Parking following a debate in a meeting of Aberystwyth Town Council about a letter received from the County's Highways department.
Responding to the debate, Cllr Alun WIlliams said:

"Aberystwyth needs a Residents' Parking scheme to make life tolerable for residents who are the backbone of the community here. The first step in the process is to transfer parking enforcement from the police to the Council – known as 'decriminalisation'. I realise it costs money and that it's complicated, but it's got to come eventually.

"Aberystwyth residents visit their friends in other places, see it working there and wonder why it's not happening here. Not for the first time, Ceredigion is lagging behind the rest of the country. I sympathise with the position of council officers. They've done the research and know how to go about it. What they need is political leadership from the Council Cabinet.

"I'm tremendously encouraged to see Residents' Parking supported in the Aberystwyth Masterplan and hope the Masterplan consultants can now become allies in the campaign".
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