Mayor of Aberystwyth Resigns

Lorrae Jones-Southgate has today resigned as both the Mayor of Aberystwyth and Town Councillor after failing in her bid to win the Lib Dem nomination to stand in the Rheidol ward County Council by-election. Lorrae was voted top of the poll in the ward in last month's Town Council elections and followed this by being voted Mayor for the second year running. The resignation will come as a further shock to residents of Rheidol ward who only two weeks ago saw the resignation of their Lib Dem County Councillor Eric Griffiths. The resignation will mean a further by-election in Rheidol ward which is due to elect a new County Councillor on July 10th.

Although Lorrae's style is not to everyone's liking, there is no doubt that her tremendous work-rate and commitment as Mayor in the past year has won her the respect of many in the town, including that of councillors from other political parties.