Aberystwyth and the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation

At the end of November the Welsh Government published the latest Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation. This ranks each area in Wales, 1 being the most deprived and 1909 being the least. Mererid Jones, one of five Aberystwyth Town Councillors for Penparcau, has sent me this analysis for Aberystwyth:
The areas listed are as follows: -
Bronglais = as per the Council ward
Canol/Central = as per the Council ward
Rheidol 1 = the town side of Rheidol ward
Rheidol 2 = Trefechan and Greenfield Street area
Penparcau 2 = Heol Tynyfron to Southgate + Cae Job & Heol Dinas + Brynystwyth & Ty cam
Penparcau 1 = Maesheli + The Avenues + Maesmaelor
Penglais = North Ward plus the part of Faenor ward which includes Pentre Jane Morgan.

Income accounts for 23.5% of each overall score and focusses on the proportion of the population receiving benefits. Penparcau and Rheidol 2 have seen an increase in eligibility for tax credits.

Employment also accounts for 23.5% of the overall score and is mainly based on the percentage of the working age population in receipt of Employment-related benefit.  

Health accounts for 14% of the overall score and looks at indicators like low-weight births, long term illness and cause of death.  

Education accounts for 14% of the overall score and looks at Key Stage 4 results, absenteeism, no qualifications and not entering Higher Education.   

Physical Environment accounts for 5% and includes proximity to waste tips, flood risk and air quality. 

Housing accounts for 5%, and has improved in all wards with the exception of Rheidol but, given the low multiple, has not had a major impact on the score.

All areas in Aberystwyth have worsened in terms of Access to Services.  This is defined as the travel-time to main services such as food, GP, schools, petrol stations etc. There has been a change in the way these scores are calculated since 2011 and private transport has now been included. This has impacted enormously on the result due to a high level of homes in Aberystwyth not having a car.