Aberystwyth Town Council Election Results

These are the full election results for Aberystwyth Town Council. Those elected are in bold

North (3 seats)
Mark Strong  (Plaid) 346
Talat Chaudhri  (Plaid) 240
Sara Hammel  (Plaid) 227
Bryony Davies  (Lib Dem) 225
Niall Daly (Lib Dem) 149
Julies Parker  (Lib Dem) 109                      Plaid +1, Ind -1

Bronglais (4)
Endaf Edwards - Elected Unopposed
Lucy Huws - Elected Unopposed
Sue Jones-Davies - Elected Unopposed
Alun Williams - Elected Unopposed                   No change

Central (3)
David Lees (Lib Dem) 174
Emily Price (Lib Dem)  164
Michael Chappell (Lib Dem)  154
Jeff Smith (Plaid)  138
Paulina Kubala (Plaid)  135                     Lib Dem +1, Plaid -1

Rheidol (4)
Mair Benjamin (Lib Dem)  297
Claudine Young (Labour) 243
Rhodri Francis (Plaid) 234
Mari Turner (Plaid)  222
Martin Shewring (Ind)  207
Brendan Somers (Plaid) 193
Marise Lloyd-Evans (Ind)  175
Matthew Woolfall-Jones (Plaid)  147             Plaid +1, Labour +1, Ind -1, Lib Dem -1

Penparcau (5)
Steve Davies  (Plaid) 474
Dylan Lewis  (Plaid) 372
Charlie Kingsbury (Lib Dem) 326
Alex Mangold (Labour) 274
Brenda Haines (Lib Dem) 258
Elliot Alker (Lib Dem)  225
Dafydd ap Ffranc (Plaid) 221
Kevin Price (Plaid) 217                          Lib Dem +1, Lab +1, Plaid - 2

Overall Totals
Plaid Cymru 11 (-1)
Lib Dem 6 (+1)
Labour 2 (+2)
Independent 0 (-2)

Plaid Cymru continue to have an overall majority on the Town Council with 11 out of the 19 seats. The result in North Ward means that Plaid now have all elected representatives for the north and east sides of the town, at both town and county level, for the first time. 

The other ward entirely controlled by one party is Central where the Lib Dems have all councillors, although the turnout here was very low. In contrast, Rheidol and Penparcau have three parties represented in each. Plaid were disappointed to lose two of their previous four councillors in Penparcau but they now have half the representation in Rheidol ward where they also won the county council seat in a close contest.

Labour will be pleased to have re-entered the Council with two new members and there are no longer any Independents on the scene. 

At county level, Plaid have four out of the six seats in the town -  North, Bronglais, Rheidol and the first Penparcau seat - with the Lib Dems holding Central and the second in Penparcau.